Reloading Process

Reloading 101: Basic Process Outline

Being able to quickly and efficiently reload a batch of quality ammo is a top priority for me. Once my load development is done, I don’t want to spend a lot of time at the reloading bench; I’d rather be shooting. Here’s my process for getting that done. If you ask a room full of experienced handloaders about their exact process for assembling quality ammo, you’ll likely get a variety of answers. There are a lot of ways to turn a fired case into a loaded round. This article will outline my

Measuring Seating Depth Savage LRP 260 Remington

How to Measure Bullet Seating Depth

The question of how long to seat a bullet in relation to the barrel’s rifling is an important one. Seating depth can have a lot of influence on how well your handloads perform. Knowing how to measure for it is an essential skill. Luckily, it’s not that difficult. With a few basic measuring tools and some practice, we can accurately and consistently measure how far it is from the case’s head to the barrel’s rifling. We use that measurement to find the ideal seating depth for our rifle during

Full-length Sizing 300 Win Mag Brass with Redding T-7

Full-Length Sizing for Reliable Precision

The question of whether or not to full-length size is one I get asked a lot. I always recommend full-length sizing the case, regardless of the rifle’s intended use. The benefits of reliability and function far outweigh any supposed downfalls. Full-length sizing means different things to different people. Some define it as returning a fired case to its original dimensions when new. I define it as sizing a fired case by the minimum amount required to chamber the cartridge reliably. I also want

Nightforce SHV 3-10x42

Nightforce SHV 3-10×42: Review

The Nightforce SHV 3-10x42  riflescope is the lightest and most compact model in the Shooter, Hunter, Varminter (SHV) lineup. The SHV line of scopes is advertised to deliver Nightforce quality in a more economical package. In today’s competitive riflescope market, scopes are judged on glass quality, reliability, features, and price. To balance those four attributes, compromises are often made to one or more of them. With years of experience shooting with their NXS and ATACR scopes, I was

RLC Customs R-F Cam Cradle

RLC Customs R-F Cam Cradle: Review

The RLC Customs R-F Cam Cradle allows the long-range shooter or hunter to integrate a spotting scope, laser rangefinder, and compact video camera onto a single tripod head. After using it to take and record hundreds of long-range shots, I can’t imagine shooting without it! This review of the Cam Cradle is an updated version of my original review published almost two years ago. Over the course of two full seasons, the Cam Cradle has become a piece of gear I rely on for my long-range shooting and

How to select a Redding bushing

Redding Bushing Dies: How to Select the Proper Bushing

Looking for a simple explanation of why we use bushing dies, or how to select the proper bushing for your Redding Type S, or Redding Competition Neck Sizing die? Here’s my take on it. The advantage a bushing die has over a standard die is the amount of stress placed on the case neck as it’s sized. A standard full-length sizing die is machined to size a case to standard dimensions, regardless of case thickness. As far as the main body of the case goes, that’s no big deal. Once it’s fired to fit

Kestrel 5700 Sportsman

Kestrel 5700 Sportsman: Review

We were set up on a Wyoming plateau as the sun broke the eastern horizon. Below us, a herd of antelope slowly grazed toward a distant fence line. As the lone pronghorn fell in line behind them, I ranged it and entered the distance into the Kestrel Sportsman. I dialed the corrections needed for the 830-yard shot and settled in behind the rifle. “Do you have eyes on him, Jess?”, I asked as the buck turned broadside. “I’m ready back here.” The recoil from the 300 Win Mag pushed straight back,

Sam with Long Range Pack Idaho Panhandle 2016

State of the Panhandle: 2016 In Review

2016 marks the first year for Panhandle Precision. It’s been an interesting ride so far. Happy New Year’s! I hope all is well with you and those you care about. Thank you to all our followers, viewers, and subscribers. I appreciate you spending your valuable time with me and the kids. Panhandle Precision is all about sharing our experiences with folks who are interested in hunting, long range shooting, and precision rifles. Without your support, I might as well turn the computer off and go warm

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