How 2 Send It video from Defensive Edge

“How 2 Send It”: A New How-to Video From Defensive Edge

Shawn Carlock and the team at Defensive Edge are back with a new how-to video: How 2 Send It

In this all-new instructional video, Shawn guides the viewer along the path to being successful at long range hunting. Starting with setting goals and realistic expectations, and ending with how to put it all together, How 2 Send It covers a lot of ground in three hours. From the back cover:

 “This 3 hour BluRay DVD from Defensive Edge will start from the very basic building blocks of precision shooting and show you how to make those difficult long range shots in the field. How 2 Send It covers gear selection, trajectory validation, atmospheric condition changes, Coriolis effect, spin drift, how to estimate wind over terrain features, terminal performance, shot placement, optics testing and much more. Join the Defensive Edge team to see how you too can become a world class long range field shooter.

WARNING: Contains hunting footage and graphic impact shots.”

With plenty of scenes filmed at realistic long range shooting locations, Shawn puts the viewer in a virtual classroom.

Shawn Carlock brings to the table a realistic view of what it takes to make consistent first-round hits. He’s a “been there, done that” kind of instructor who draws on his own experiences rather than theory to teach others. Through Defensive Edge, he runs a top-notch training program that focuses on real-world long range hunting. This DVD is a good look at what to expect from those classes and would make a good primer for anyone planning to sign up for one.

Here’s an overview of some of the topics covered in How 2 Send It:
  • Setting goals and expectations for the inspiring 1000 yard hunter.
  • Thoughts on the ethics of long range hunting.
  • Choosing the right rifle and optics.
  • Exterior ballistics and atmospheric conditions.
  • Wind reading (including segmented wind conditions and wind over terrain).
  • Coriolis and spin drift effects.
  • Shot placement and bullet selection.
  • Ballistic solvers and their use.
  • Bullet drop and solver validation.
  • Proper scope selection, mounting, and use.
  • Detailed MOA discussion and how to use turrets and reticles.
  • Spotter/shooter communications.
  • Shooting positions and hit probability.
  • ELR shooting, including the successful engagement of a 2255 yard target.

This is mainly a “how-to” video, with excellent graphics, clear demonstrations, and a nice sprinkling of hunting kill shots to round it out. Whether a beginner or experienced shooter, you are sure to learn something from How 2 Send It.

The DVD retails for $39.99. To order, call Defensive Edge at (208)687-2659 or email

Check them out on the web here.

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