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Trimble Recon with Nightforce Exbal ballistic calculator

Ballistic Calculator: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new to the world of long range shooting or hunting, you’ve no doubt wondered which ballistic calculator you should use. It’s no surprise, considering how many options there are along with an equal number of opinions concerning which ones are the best. Some of the most frequent questions I see in emails or

Nightforce F1 ATACR and Defensive Edge Scope Level

Defensive Edge Scope Level: Review

The Defensive Edge scope level, also branded and sold by Nightforce Optics is one piece of long range shooting gear I’ve recommended a lot over the last several years. The Defensive Edge scope level, or Anti-Cant Device (ACD) was developed by DE as a way to integrate a scope leveling device into the scope mounting

Sam Millard Testing Long Range Hunting Load

Choosing a Long Range Hunting Load

Choosing a suitable long range hunting load can take time. It might also require a certain amount of perseverance. This installment on the 300 Winchester Magnum Project will cover how I narrowed down a load for it. I know this article is somewhat late in coming, but I’ve been busy shooting the rifle to prepare

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