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260 Terminator Loaded with Berger 140 HVLD

260 Terminator: Initial Review

The second cartridge from Defensive Edge with the Terminator designation, the 260 Terminator is based on the 260 Remington case and is designed to fire a 140 grain 6.5 mm bullet at 3000 fps while feeding through a standard-length detachable box magazine. When Defensive Edge’s owner, Shawn Carlock, told me of his intent behind the

Sam Millard Testing Long Range Hunting Load

Choosing a Long Range Hunting Load

Choosing a suitable long range hunting load can take time. It might also require a certain amount of perseverance. This installment on the 300 Winchester Magnum Project will cover how I narrowed down a load for it. I know this article is somewhat late in coming, but I’ve been busy shooting the rifle to prepare

Cleaning a Long Range Precision Rifle

Cleaning A Long Range Precision Rifle

When the topic of cleaning a long range precision rifle comes up, heated debate often follows. One school of thought is to clean the rifle’s barrel after a predetermined number of shots, the other is to shoot the rifle until it no longer produces the accuracy you’re looking for, then scrub the barrel. Which one

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