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This page will be updated frequently as new videos are published. If you would like to see a video on a particular subject or piece of gear, send me an email. We are always testing new technology and techniques, and would love to get some input. Check them out and and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you like what you see.

New for 2018! See how I develop a load for my competition rifle from start to finish in the Precision Rifle Load Development video series. Click on the YouTube logo at the bottom right corner to access the complete playlist.

Here is our 2016 Greatest Hits video. If you like long range shooting and bullet trace, check it out!

Kestrel 5700 Sportsman Weather Meter w/ Applied Ballistics Video Review & Demo

Annealing 300 Win Mag Brass/ Bench-Source & Tempilaq Demo Video

This is a playlist containing all five review/demo videos Panhandle Precision has produced on the Kestrel 5700 Elite w/ LiNK. The first one that comes up is the initial review and basic setup video. If you click on the YouTube logo at the bottom right corner, you can see the whole list on our channel.

300 Winchester Magnum: Long Range Trajectory Validation. Watch 11-year-old Jake shoot to 1682 yards to verify drops with a Berger 210 grain VLD.

Redding FL Bushing Die: How To Set Up and Size Cases
Long Range Review: Kifaru Lost Park Parka



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